Imagine Image Consultancy is a corporate image training and personal image branding company in Malaysia. Josephine LUI is the Managing Consultant of Imagine Image Consultancy. Josephine LUI is a Certified Image Consultant in Malaysia accredited by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI, USA). She has trained thousands of corporate staff in the service, sales & marketing industry for over 20 years.

A successful professional image has the image advantage to outclass a competitor bringing visibility, credibility that leads to profitability for the company. At Imagine Image Consultancy, we have also coached thousands of university graduates to progress effectively in their dream jobs via positive image impressions in the workplace.

Josephine Lui graduated from London Image Institute and Academy of Masters Mastery. Here’s how Josephine LUI, assisted by a pool of make-up artists and hair stylists can provide remarkable image trainings and image coaching on:


Corporate Image Training

We develop custom-made modules on corporate image trainings, seminars and workshops to enhance the appearance, behavior, communication skills, business & social etiquette; the crucial aspects that compliment a professional corporate image! Adopt and practice civility. Master a consistent professional and business image will bring respect and credibility to the Company and you!

Personal Image Consultant

Polish your personal image to reflect confidence, power and success! Engage a professional Personal Image Consultant to get dressing solutions with the best complimentary color on you, impeccable grooming to improving your verbal and non verbal communications. Engage us for a personal shopping experience, shop with your heart and mind, or make-up techniques/tutorials that suit your personal lifestyle. Whilst first impression counts, sustaining a lasting positive impression is the ultimate!

Public Relations & Events

Imagine Image Consultancy has another division to take charge of public relations and beauty /fashion product launches. Josephine Lui is also a master at public relations and marketing activities. We have always successfully courted the media and established excellent editorial support and coverage from various leading magazines and newspapers in Malaysia.