Fitness Team

Graduated with an Honours Degree in International Business from London. I am an optimist and have always loved to laugh.

My 1st contact with Laughter Yoga was way back in 2001, when I saw it on TV. What an amazing exercise and what fun these people were having. I told myself, I want to do that. There was scant information those days, and the only certified teacher in Malaysia had left for another country. The passion for Laughter Yoga stayed latent, while I carried on working and bring my children up.

However, in year 2007, whilst flipping through the newspaper, one particular advertisement caught my eye, "Dr Kataria is in town and would be doing a workshop in KL." After his workshop, I became even more passionate about LY, and shared what I have learned with friends and associates. But I was lacking in full knowledge, so in January 2010, I journeyed to Bangalore and met Dr MK, for the second time. I became a Certified LY Teacher and am enjoying my passion, sharing laughter and joy with people whom I come into contact, as well as teaching those who want to spread LY to more people. Come join and find out what’s there for you in My Laughter Club, DJ Laughter Club, Jalan SS22/31, Damansara Jaya Park, each Wednesday start exercising from 730-815am! Work your heart out, improve your blood circulation, burn calories, expel the unwanted gas in your body, stay healthy and laugh more!