Fitness Team
KC Kang

KC formerly a chemical engineer with Motorola, now is one of the Top 10 NU SKIN TEAM ELITE EXECUTIVE leaders in Malaysia. Being the top 3 active and fastest growing business owner of Nu Skin in Malaysia, she leads the largest growing group in North Malaysia.

The mission of the Company "Force For Good", a company with excellent culture will bring much productivity in the company she leads and to the community for good. KC's current goal is to interdependently grow Nu Skin to become the TOP direct business company in Malaysia and stays with that status.

KC with her team of experts are specialists in anti-aging solutions. What is it that makes some people look naturally young? Lifestyle, skincare, supplements are all equally important to achieve this secret. A dietitian now, KC and her team understand and guide you through proper nutritional needs for your body with a complete approach to well being with nutritional supplements of Pharmanex formulated to nourish and protect the body and promote good skin for a youthful look!