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Some time ago there was this hottest trend around town: ANIMAL PRINTS! Leopard, cheetah, snake, zebra even tiger! I have different feedback from both men and women. Ladies aspire to be a fashionista in animal prints and be irresistible. While men just adore the bold animal instincts unleashed! Ladies, be cautious and never create this attraction for a wrong reason!

Priscilla Chan

While animal prints can add a zing to your fashion sense, here are some tips you can look alluring and yet classy :

1. Be simple. Confine to either the blouse OR pant/skirt. Never in a complete one piece outfit as that would be outrageous.

2. Petite accessories are preferred such as a mini scarf or a medium clutch or a belt. Never wear more than 2 pieces of the animal prints accessories on your body. If 2 pieces are worn, ensure they are the SAME prints and same COLOR. Imagine a leopard scarf matches a zebra bag!

3. A good piece of eye wear in animal print is an excellent accessory to the face, however, ensure natural simple make-up is worn to compliment this sultry look.

4. Some shoes come in animal prints too but it is best matched with solid single color outfits.

5. Go for animal prints in its natural colors. Imagine zebra prints in yellow and black!

6. Animal prints suit well with younger ladies certainly.

Rosalind Ho, Real Estate Negotiator

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Charlotte Lau, Business Development Manager

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Ivan Yap &
Nicholas Yap
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