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Brumas Carbon Spa Soaps

Brumas Carbon Spa Soap For Body (RM15)

  • Deeply cleanses and recharges with a gentle touch
  • Naturally made from fine acti-carbon powder, nano silver and natural palm oil for instant moisturisation
  • Acti-carbon emits negative ions and far infrared rays, keeping a lasting fresh feeling
  • Anti-bacteria and sterilization perfect for skins tend to be acidic


Brumas Gold Spa Facial Soap (RM30)

  • A pure and gentle facial cleanser
  • Contain Carbon liquid with more than 200 components, including acetic acid, methyl, acetone for pure and natural cleansing
  • When Carbon Liquid is added to water, its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic organic components enable facial skin increases its energy flow. Perfect for morning and evening.