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Personal Consultation

When people lack personal information about you, they will judge from your personal appearance before you talk. Appropriate dress sense, impeccable grooming, your body language on posture and gestures, facial expressions, all make-up first impressions! Appoint us for a Private Personal Consultation to help to you achieve that Poised Factor in you inside-out, a lasting and positive image attained!


Color Anaylysis, Private Color Consulting

Determine the best pleasing colors of you. Apply color psychology for attraction. Come find out your own color coding using the Advance Color System from AIM, Colors of Asia. Our color system that is wearable and sensible flow works for a diversity that works especially for Asians. Customize your personal color profile with us, we have a collection of 12 various profiles to choose from, depending on your undertone, value and intensity. Additional swatches are available RM100 per set inclusive of postage and delivery..