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Encera BB Cream

Encera BB Cream (8g RM20, 40g RM80 )

  • A quick, effortless make-up for the modern and trendy ladies who is pressured for time
  • A simple transparent make-up that is natural and yet fully packed with beauty benefits!
  • A marvelous Blemish Balm Cream formulated with anti-aging properties of Apple Stem Cells from a unique apples of Uttwiler Spatlauder which is very rare now.
  • Rejuvenates skin and helps regeneration, softening wrinkles, reduces fine lines
  • Firming benefits with Astra Force, one of the most potent medicine from Mongolia for strengthening immune system and reduces inflammation.
  • Sulfora White (a swiss garden cress), a phyto agent for visible whitening is added to achieve fairness to the skin