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Professional Corporate Image Training: Professional Presence, NLP, Customer Relations/Service Training, Professional Telephone Etiquette & Techniques

Upgrade the company’s credibility to bring profits. Engage our Associate of Professional Image Trainers to empower the work force to build confidence and communicate with power via Professional Corporate Presence training and coaching.

We are able to combine image training programs incorporating personal breakthrough and development through Neuro Linguistic Programming by our Associate Trainer, a certified NLP practitioner.

Is your Company lacking effective in-house trainers to ensure the customers’ service and relations is up to expectation? Exceptional Customer Service will generate income and revenue to the Company. Train your sales and service force by an experienced customer relationship trainer who will train from the prospective of a customers’-point-of-view program integrating value added elements; an impressive image to the sales & service staff force to prepare them to be well groomed, behave well and service with confidence.

The attitude of staff telephone techniques and etiquette will break or make the success the company’s image. The voice through the phone is the verbal handshake of the company. Enhance the quality of telephone communicating staff to ensure customer’s requests are dealt with effectively, promptly and courteously.

Appropriateness of office attire to create a good corporate image is an additional bonus to this training for the attendees.