Clients' Testimonials

Josephine was introduced to us by Cleverbridge when our Company decided to engage an Image Trainer to conduct a series of “Your Business conduct’ corporate image trainings. Our Management truly believe that with an improvement in our overall corporate image amongst our diversified divisions, will surely bring better motivation to present themselves better, especially our team of customer servicing technicians and engineers. It has been a delightful experience attending her trainings, again and again! Her examples and scenarios were vividly practical, realistic and humorous attested by her vast experience in this field. The delivery and contents were consistent with all the sessions. This amazing Image Trainer had successfully engaged our team of engineers delightfully despite the long extended hours, which is unusual as compared to other conventional trainings conducted at our office. The significant positive changes shown amongst our staff and good feedback from our customers on their image long after training had proven the effectiveness of the corporate image trainings, of course by an experienced and qualified image trainer like Josephine.

Jenny Ee
Deputy HR Manager
Abex Medical System Sdn Bhd

Josephine Lui is engaged by Prudential Business Academy, Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad to conduct The Successful Image Of A Wealth Planner at our branches nationwide. It is our objective to ensure a powerful and impressive image amongst our Business Partners is consistently of high standard in the country.

We had collectively received only positive feedback from all the classes that were conducted. Requests for repeat classes are an evidence of the high quality filled with dense information and great participating program crafted by her.

We have a splendid working relationship as she is very versatile and delivers our objective precisely. We look forward to continual effectiveness amongst our Business Partners/Agencies with her effective education.

Sabrina SLOng
Manager, PBA
Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad

Korn/Ferry being the global leader in talent management solutions, we meet clients all day. Presence and physical presentation is upmost importance to us here.
I realized that there was a need to constantly update my team to improve our PRIME CORPORATE IMPRESSION as demanded by our clients. We then contacted Josephine, and with short notice, Josephine was able to develop a customized program for us; focusing on what is important i.e. grooming and business etiquette, as part of our image management improvement. Josephine was able to instill a sense of success and confidence to my team, she was able to provide individual image analysis which was most helpful. I have since observed my team’s renewed business image, which is required and appreciated by our clients and business associates.

Reza Ghazali
Country Head & Managing Director
Korn/Ferry International

Josephine has devoted her utmost professionalism and conducted her training with high level of enthusiasm. She is able to connect with participants with her good rapport and lively presentations. Skills and tips on grooming including professional image presence had great influence on our Sales Directors to train their staff effectively. A resourceful trainer, she anticipated the needs of audience and is well prepared for her presentations and handouts. We noticed great teamwork with her pool of professional make-up artists in delivering what is best to our team! We will definitely engage Josephine for a ‘Train the Trainer’ session again with our Sales Directors!”

Penny Chin
Marketing Manager
Mary Kay Malaysia

We have engaged Josephine to conduct a workshop on behalf of Burt’s Bees this year. She has delivered the presentation with much vigor and enthusiasm. The audience enjoyed immensely and appreciated the ‘Hands on Kitchen Formula’ workshop. We were glad the event had been very successful as Josephine had exceeded our expectation (despite a short notice for her preparation) Without a doubt, we will certainly engage her for our future events.

Burt's Bee

We have engaged Josephine to train our retail assistants on sales and service skills. She has not only exceeded our expectations on the subjects she is hired to train, Josephine is able to take that extra mile in enlightening essential elements of image in the training.

My staff were very sceptical at the beginning, but to our pleasant surprise, they were very excited and enjoyed the entire working sessions. Our Retail Assistants now are more proactive in understanding customers’ body challenges t application of proper colors to compliment them. Her program as well as materials were well planned and her presentation was very enthusiastic and creative. Vivid improvement was shown immediately from motivation to sales and grooming amongst our staff!

My staff look forward for more trainings and I believe such trainings will bring greater success in future for us. I greatly recommend this company to other businesses seeking to make positive progress on its sales, service and grooming amongst their staff.

Pauline Lee
Director of Finance and Operations
Elizabeth Collections (M) Sdn Bhd

I appreciate what Josephine had done, bringing my products to high visibility amongst leading magazines. The advertorials and exposure of my company’s range of cosmetics and skincare were far more than we have invested. Josephine is thorough in her work and her excellent public relations with the media had tremendously relieved us of our task in this aspect. Above all, her trainings with Sasa were well received with positive feedback for more! Thank you.

Takashi Matsumoto (Managing Director)
Bernard Lim (Managing Director)
Plus One (M) Sdn Bhd

Josephine has brought our 1st Business Camp recently with much cheers and applause! Everyone was glued to her dynamic presentation! We love the humour and fun with ‘real life creations’ throughout the seminar. Her vast experience is beyond doubt, one of the Best Image Trainer I know. She is quick, versatile and very knowledgeable in handling objections and queries . We certainly will engage her for more image enhancement seminars as this is one of our company’s important criteria for an impressive successful image amongst our group. Thanks Josephine!

Agecube Group

Our tremendous success of Encera BB needed careful planning with intensive trainings, public presentations and demonstrations. Thanks to Josephine who is professional in her all the programs assigned to her. Our members and staff were delighted with her easy and effective trainings. She is able to inject a sense of humor and practicality in her presentations which were much welcome by all. It is pleasant to work with Josephine as she is well experienced, intuitive, flexible and appreciative.

Spencer Wing
Founder & Branding
Rafa Green Sdn Bhd

“Josephine could only find two basic ties in my wardrobe and now I have more! She is patient and even taught me the proper ironing skills of my shirts! Now I know better how to check for flaws in a shirt or tie before I pay for the merchandise! Very resourceful and practical in guiding me to improve my professional image. Thank you.”

Nicholas Yap
Operations Director
Rafa Rising Sdn Bhd

I was not sure if I need to enhance my image better since my husband had progressed so well in his business. Constantly I would need to accompany him for social and business functions. Furthermore I have plans to return to the corporate world, assisting him on his business expansion after years of retiring from this sector to become a full time housewife. Josephine and I had fantastic working sessions, it was totally fun and enjoyable. Our most impactful sessions were the wardrobe management where I learnt how to keep and match good quality outfits with unbelievable styles that matched my personal lifestyle! I wished our shopping spree were longer! She had taught me how to shop with my hearts out only with the permission from my brain! No wonder I had to give away tons of clothes not worn at all. I cannot resist temptations to shop and buy simply because they look attractive to me! Now my budget on shopping is much reduced, but gain better quality pieces instead. Her professional stylists were incredible too! Thank you as you have helped me to avoid embarrassment at dining functions, my table manners is now polishedļ Her value added services had brought a sincere friendship between us now.

Jane Yap May Fah

"Our ambassadors and front line staff from all branches nationwide went through a Customers Service training. Part of the module of this training include good grooming to look poise and presentable.

Josephine had undertaken this particular module with ease and was very professional in handling objections raised on personal grooming. Her delivery was specific, very clear and attainable. We could see the enthusiasm from our staff from good feedback and results achieved almost immediately from an improved groomed team of ambassadors! We appreciate the value added and knowledge that was imparted to us consistently from all the sessions successfully."

(A Chapter One program conducted by Josephine Lui)

Joanne Ng
Vice President, RHB Bank
Group Service Quality Management
Chief Operating Officer’s Office

"From the previous presentations she gave to my staff , I have much confidence in Josephine Lui as she effectively trained my staff. They have since improved on their grooming in terms of make-up. This is important as most of my staff are based at retail outlets and they are constantly judged by their appearance. Josephine's confidence and expertise in skincare has great influence on my office staff.”

Nelly Ngadiman
General Manager
Bluebell Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd

"Josephine possesses an admirable sense of responsibility and has many interesting and innovative ideas. She has a natural quest for excellence, being a perfectionist by nature, and an inspiring trainer and presenter. She's the perfect person to conduct seminars on grooming and any professional image course for that matter."

Deric Lim
founder of Diva Production

“Much appreciation to Josephine! She guided me with easy mix and match working clothes from my existing wardrobe which I hardly paid attention to. Great tips too, so interesting… like I never knew that wearing black ankle length stockings can add length to my legs with my dark charcoal or black pants I wear with my black shoes.”

Charlotte Lau
Business Development Manager
BioCarbon Tech Sdn Bhd

"OCBC Premier Banking and Josephine Lui with her team of consultants have successfully conducted many workshops in Kuala Lumpur as well as several other states in Malaysia. Our clients appreciated the enthusiasm, amiable personality, professional advice that is coupled with excellent product knowledge on the pampering services they enjoyed. Her relentless working attitude eventually led to many successes we achieved together".

Member Relations, Lifestyle-cards & Unsecured Lending
Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC)